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 We know 

 We have tailored our farm land to work for dogs, 

 to give them a day out like no other. 

Poochy Pals at Fallow Farm

Poochy Pals is a family business, which operates on our private 7 acre smallholding called Fallow Farm, in the quiet leafy village of Woodham in Surrey.

Fallow Farm, which was once a busy pig farm owned and run by my grandparents, is now home to horses, farm cats and a number of free roaming pygmy goats, as well as the family dogs.  The farm is approximately 7 acres and fully enclosed, we have a number of fenced fields where our horses relax and graze throughout the day, and our pygmy goats roam freely across the farm keeping an eye on things.


We have purpose built internal runs for your dog in a heated building where they can sit back and relax alone when not out enjoying themselves in our fully enclosed exercise area and paddocks. Your dog can be exercised and amused, paddle and play freely in our range of outdoor spaces. We can develop their social skills and interaction with other dogs under strict supervision, or they can be played with one-on-one if they aren't the sociable type.


Dogs are supervised at all times whilst being walked or in the exercise area. Well behaved dogs with good social skills can play freely together whilst dogs that may struggle socially can have one on one attention. 

As well as playing and socialising in the exercise area we will also walk your dog around the farm on leads and let them sniff and explore as well as let them meet and get used to the other animals who will inevitably come and say hello.

At Poochy Pals, we aim to give your dog a new type of play day, where they can have the run of the land in our green and open fields, and you will have the reassurance they they are being well cared for and exercised in safe surroundings.

Our Team

We are the Parratt Family of Fallow Farm and we run Poochy Pals Doggy Daycare.  If you would like to talk to us or come visit Fallow Farm with your dog, then we'd love to hear from you!  You can reach us at 07453 029 497 or complete the contact us form.

We are always looking to expand our dog services, if you are a groomer or dog trainer in obedience or agility then please get in contact with us.

Chris Parratt

Founder and Owner

Linda Parratt

Dog Care Superviser

Hannah Parratt

Dog Care Superviser

Our Team
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