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 Terms and Conditions 

Poochy Pals Policy and Terms of Service

  • The downloadable registration form must be fully filled in prior to your dog coming to stay with us.

  • Any new customers of Poochy Pals will be required to pay for their first session in full either prior to/or on arrival at their first session.

  • You will be invoiced monthly and we would ask that you make payment within 7 days of receiving your invoice, payments should be made via cash or BACS, payment details are specified on the invoice.

  • Additional fees will be charged for early drop offs and late collections outside of our specified session times and must be pre-arranged.

  • All cancellations and absences from booked sessions and repeat bookings will be chargeable at the full rate and invoiced as such.  This includes school holiday periods and half terms. This does not include bank holidays and periods when Poochy Pals may be closed.

  • Dogs should always wear a collar with an attached name tag showing preferable contact information.

  • All dogs attending sessions must be fully up to date with vaccinations, tick, flea and worming treatments. Dogs will be unable to attend a session at Poochy Pals if they are within the 7 day period after receiving vaccinations.

  • Please help us to keep our vaccination records up to date when your dog has a booster, by sending us an updated copy for our records.

  • Kennel Cough, although every care is taken to prevent contact with dogs with kennel cough, the incubation period means that it is always possible your dog may pick this up and we cannot be held liable for your dog contracting kennel cough.  We strongly advise you discuss kennel cough vaccination with your vet.

  • As far as practically possible Poochy Pals will make every possible effort to ensure that all dogs in our care are happy and supervised at all times whilst exercising and socialising, however, by allowing your dog to be cared for by us you accept ultimate responsibility and liability for any loss, accident, injury or death to your dog or to another dog as a result of your dogs behaviour.

  • We do not accept puppies who are still in their vaccination period.

  • We are unable to care for any dogs whilst they are in season.

  • Failure to provide us with any information regarding your dogs health concerns and history, behavioural, social and antisocial tendencies and habits which may affect the way we care for your pet and the way we integrate them with other animals or effect or disrupt any other animal in our care or person may result in a breach of contract and services may be ceased.

  • We are unable to accept dogs that have anti-social behavioral tenancies, or have shown to be aggressive.  Should the clients dog demonstrate any aggressive or anti-social behaviour towards any other animals or persons on site, Poochy Pals reserves the right to cancel any bookings with immediate effect.

  • We reserve the right to change services and rates at any time but will give as much notice in advance as possible.

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